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La Pivellina

directed by Tizza Covi, Rainer Frimmel

La Pivellina
La Pivellina
La Pivellina
La Pivellina

La Pivellina opens with a flame-haired middle-aged woman searching for her dog. She finds an abandoned little girl instead, played by an unbelievably adorable 2 year-old named Asia Crippa. The red-haired lady takes the child home to a trailer park that is inhabited by a band of itinerant circus performers, and they gradually begin to incorporate this new addition into their fragile, tenuous lifestyle. Shot documentary-style with a cast made up of real circus folk on the edges of Roman society, La Pivellina is an incredibly charming look at an unglamorous existence. The New York Times’ Jeanette Catsoulis calls it “gentle”, “captivating”, and “grittily evocative”, Eye Weekly (in a five star review) names it “one of the year’s most delightful finds”, and The Village Voice praises the film for “celebrating the weed-like resilience of the have-nots”. La Pivellina comes to the Olympia Film Festival fresh from a six month run at a single theater in Buenos Aires and screens as a benefit for the Emma Goldman Youth & Homeless Outreach Project.

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Full passes excludes these Special Events:
We Need to Talk About Kevin (NW Premier), and La Pivellina (benefit)

Partial passes excludes these special events:Opening Night, We Need to Talk About Kevin (NW Premier), and La Pivellina (benefit), and All Freakin’ Night

An individual ticket is required for admission.

Run time: 100 min. | Austria, Italy | 2009
Genres: Drama, Foreign
Directed By: Tizza Covi, Rainer Frimmel

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